Waking Up the Network

A Windows application that sends Wake-On-LAN packets (sometimes known as magic packets) to the MAC addresses of devices to turn them on. The application allows devices to be organised into groups so they can all be woken up at once.

The application is only available via the Windows Store, and an add-on is available that enables the features to allow for Network Discovery and Active Directory integration. These features save time - run Network Discovery when the devices are turned on and immediately import them into the application. Or organise domain-joined computers into an Active Directory group and import the group into the application so all can be awoken at the same time.


Wake up your network devices with a single click.


Store your networked devices in groups to wake them all at once.


The dashboard shows at a glance the state of your network.

Active Directory (Premium)

Integrates with Active Directory to retrieve group information.

Network Discovery (Premium)

No need to know MAC addresses - automatically discover and add powered-on devices on your local network.


Comprehensive settings to personalise your experience


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